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I am so fed up with our neighbor. Last week a guy came to my job saying he wanted to see what was going on between me and my neighbor. I had no clue what he was talking about, but I knew who he was talking about. He was referring to Mr. Dixon. The neighbor that's in everybody's business but his own. He's more concerned about what's going on with everybody's yard or whatever than keeping his nose at his own house. Anyway, a guy (he was very cute by the way) from the city came to my job last week because of some standing water in my backyard from the tons of rain we had. He suggested that I get an old broom and sweep it out. I got home and I did that. I got as much water out the back yard as I could. It resulted in getting mud in his yard, so I'm sure he'll complain about that. As I was working doing that, he was in his backyard listening to everything me and Allison were talking about. He came to the front calling himself looking around. We've been in that neighborhood for 2 years and he's had so many complaints about what we haven't done. First he wanted to know when am I having the tree cut on the side of my driveway. The tree doesn't bother me, but in the Fall, leaves are in his yard, so of course that's a problem. When the Fall came, I waited until all the leaves fell from that tree and the one from the backyard before I started to rake. I came home one day and he wanted to know when was I going to rake the leaves out of my yard. I said, "As soon as I get some time!" He's called Animal Control on us because he said he didn't see any food or water outside for Roxie. If we didn't feed her, she'd be skin and bones. She ALWAYS have food and water, whether she's inside or outside. We know how to take care of a dog, TRUST! My last resort is to put up a privacy fence. I want it so high that he'd have to have a fire truck's ladder in order to see into our yard, lol. He never comes to us and says anything, he just automatically calls the city and then he says he doesn't want any hard feelings. I don't speak to him. We've told Jalen to stay out of his yard and when he's outside, we let Roxie in the house. His wife needs to tell him to mind his own business before someone does something to him. He told a woman that lives on the corner what she needs to do to her house. He called the police on some people because he hadn't seen the woman sitting outside and said they were selling drugs. A guy was riding a dirt bike down the street and he told him he couldn't ride it anymore. Hell, everybody can't have a perfect yard 24/7. He's home all day because he's retired. If it bothers him that much then he should get out and cut everybody's yard while he's at home and see how far that gets him.

OAN: I'm still single! LOL!!

Oh yeah and Rhonda doesn't talk to me anymore. Since she has a boyfriend, she doesn't even answer my text messages.


January 2017

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