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rebmeced wrote
on June 27th, 2014 at 12:40 pm

I've noticed a pattern with Ray. He'll start texting me in the morning or throughout the day like we're a couple. Then when the weekend comes, he'll want to come over. After that, it'll be days before I hear from him again. But because I want a relationship right now, I haven't been giving in to him at all. Yes I like him a lot, but I'm not about to sit up here and let him keep doing me the way he's been doing. I can't expect a man to come in to my life if I'm dealing with someone that doesn't want to be in it. The guy that's for me, I hope he's way better than I can imagine and hope for.

I was watching True Life on mtv the other night and it was an overweight female on there that had a boyfriend. She was also able to have a baby and her boyfriend proposed to her. I'm sitting there like, "so what's wrong with me that I can't have those things?" I'm tired of seeing people in the news that are abusing their children and they have about 6. I see women that are so mean spirited and evil get good men in their lives and get married.

What am I doing wrong or not doing right?

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